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By Two Rivers Family Dental, LLC
February 28, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Aren’t you ready for a realistic restoration that will give you a complete smile again?dental implants

If you are faced with tooth loss of any magnitude, whether you are missing one or all of your teeth, it’s important that you treat the problem as soon as possible. Untreated tooth loss can lead to a whole host of dental problems for the long term. Of course, our Two Rivers, WI dentist Dr. Chris Hansen understands that you want a tooth replacement that is as natural as possible. This is why so many people are turning to dental implants to regain a healthy smile again.

Getting a Single Implant

If you just need to replace a single permanent tooth then an implant can easily come to the rescue. An implant is placed into the jawbone during a simple outpatient surgery that is performed right here in our office. Over time the jawbone will heal and fuse together with the implant, making it a now permanent restoration within the mouth. The purpose of an implant is to function like natural tooth roots and to provide a long-term foundation from which to support an artificial tooth.

A custom-made dental crown will be cemented over the implant to complete the restoration. Depending on several factors including your health and which tooth is being replaced, it can take up to one year to complete the implant process.

Getting Multiple Implants

If you are dealing with more extensive tooth loss or even complete tooth loss you may think that dental implants may not be right for you but actually, they can also give you back your full smile again. Instead of one implant, our Two Rivers, WI, general dentist will place several implants throughout the jawbone. After they fully fuse together with the jawbone these implants can support full or partial dentures. This can be a wonderful option for someone who isn’t satisfied with their dentures because they aren’t as stable and don’t stay in place.

Are you ready to learn more about getting dental implants in Two Rivers, WI, and how they can help you? Then it’s time you called Two Rivers Family Dental to book your no-risk consultation with us. Let’s help you get that beautiful smile back!


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