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By Two Rivers Family Dental, LLC
March 02, 2018
Category: Oral Health
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Losing teeth will certainly disrupt your otherwise beautiful smile. It could also potentially affect your food choices and whether or not you receive proper nutrition.

But something else just as consequential could be happening beneath the surface of your gums—you could be losing bone. Significant bone loss in the jaw could adversely affect remaining teeth and facial structure, as well as limit your future restoration choices.

To understand why this occurs we must first consider what bone is: living, cellular tissue. Like the body's other cells, bone has a life cycle: cells form, live and eventually dissolve (or resorb), and are then replaced by new cells. Stimulation from forces generated during chewing traveling up through the tooth roots to the jawbone keep this cycle going at a healthy pace.

But when a tooth is missing, so is this stimulation. This could slow the replacement rate and cause bone volume to gradually decrease. The jawbone width could decrease by as much as 25% the first year alone and several millimeters in height after just a few years.

Although dentures (a popular and affordable choice) can restore lost function and appearance, they can't duplicate this needed stimulation. They even accelerate bone loss by irritating and creating compressive forces on the bony ridges and the gums they rest upon.

One restoration, however, can actually help stop bone loss and may even reverse it: dental implants. This happens because an implant's metal titanium post imbedded in the jawbone attracts bone cells to grow and adhere to its surface. This could actually increase bone density at the site.

To gain this advantage, it's best to obtain implants as soon as possible after tooth loss. If you allow bone loss to occur by waiting too long, there may not be enough to properly support an implant. Even then it might be possible to build up the diminished bone through grafting. But if that's not possible, we'll have to consider a different restoration.

To determine the condition of your bone after losing teeth, visit us for a complete examination. Afterward, we'll be able to discuss with you the best way to address both your overall dental health and your smile.

If you would like more information on treating missing teeth, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “The Hidden Consequences of Losing Teeth.”

By Two Rivers Family Dental, LLC
March 21, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Are you ready to find out what dental implants could do for your incomplete smile?

When it comes to choosing the tooth loss treatment that will fit your needs, there is so much to think about. Before you feel inundated with all the factors that go into determining what is right for you, our Two Rivers, WI, family dentist Dr. Chris Hansen is here to provide a little insight into the advantages of choosing dental implants.

A Complete Smile

Anyone who has lost a permanent tooth knows how much even one missing tooth can affect their appearance. You may feel embarrassed to smile in public because it feels like all you can see is that space where your tooth used to be; however, a dental implant functions just like a real tooth so you’ll have a new tooth and full smile that you feel confident showing off.

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

It’s incredible just how much tooth loss can affect what you can and can’t eat. Suddenly, all the foods you loved eating are now too tough and difficult to chew. As a result, you may not be getting the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. By getting dental implants, you will find that chewing is completely restored.

A Lifelong Restoration

While dentures or dental bridges might seem like a good option for replacing your missing teeth, it’s important to keep in mind that these restorations will need to be replaced every 5-10 years. On the other hand, when you get a dental implant you can expect the implant to last the rest of your life if you maintain good oral hygiene. Since implants are the only restorations that fuse together with your jawbone, they are the only permanent way to replace your teeth.

Sustain Good Oral Health

If you just ignore your tooth loss there are so many other issues that can occur, from jawbone deterioration to sagging cheeks and facial muscles. Fortunately, when you get dental implants from our Two Rivers, WI, cosmetic dentist, you’ll be able to preserve and protect your jawbone and facial structure.

Whether you have questions about getting dental implants in Two Rivers, WI, or you want to schedule a consultation to find out if they are right for you, call Two Rivers Family Dental today.

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