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CEREC Crowns

All ceramic restoration-single visit crown restorations.  With this technology it is possible to It is possible to prepare, take an image of the tooth, fabricate a crown and bond it into place, all in one appointment.  These are crowns that are made from tooth like materials that will look and function for may years to come often preserving natural tooth structure in the process.  

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The Benefits Of CEREC Crowns

What your dentist in Two Rivers, Wisconsin wants you to know

You probably already know how dental crowns protect your teeth. Now, thanks to a revolutionary new product known as CEREC Same-Day Crowns, you can have your crowns made in the office, while you wait! 

Dr. Chris Hansen at Two Rivers Family Dental in Two Rivers, Wisconsin wants to share what you need to know about CEREC Same-Day Crowns. CEREC crowns utilize state-of-the-art CAD-CAM technology. The CAD-CAM system uses precise computer-assisted measurements combined with 3-D imaging to provide the most accurate dimensions upon which to make your new crown. 

Thanks to the CEREC Same-Day Crown system you can: 

* Have a perfectly fitting crown in about an hour 
* Have a crown that is a perfect color-match to your smile 
* Save time by not making additional appointments 
* Avoid the discomfort of wearing a temporary crown 

Dental crowns are an excellent dental restoration because they provide a strong barrier around the entire visible tooth area. A crown encases your tooth like a suit-of-armor, making it resistant to breakage. The only problem with conventional crowns is that you have to make several appointments and wait weeks to get your new crowns. While you wait, you will have to wear a temporary crown while the permanent crown is being made in a dental laboratory. When you choose CEREC, you won't need a temporary crown. 

Your new CEREC crowns are also stain resistant. That means you can be guaranteed a bright white smile for many years. Many conventional crowns contain metal, which makes them appear flat and opaque. CEREC crowns are made of high-grade dental ceramic which is translucent and reflects light. That means your CEREC crowns will look completely natural, just like your original teeth! 

Do you want dental crowns in a single dentist visit? Call Two Rivers Family Dental in Two Rivers, WI at (920) 794-8947 to find out more about the benefits of CEREC.


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