Facial Pain

Do You Have Facial Pain?

Orofacial pain includes a number of clinical problems involving the chewing muscles or temporomandibular joint.  Problems involving facial pain can include temporomandibular joint (TMJ) discomfort, muscle spasms in the head, neck and jaw, cluster or frequent headaches, or pain with the teeth, face or jaw.  If you have an unstable bite, missing teeth or poorly aligned teeth you can experience pain and discomfort Facial Pain in Two Rivers, WI because your muscles are working harder to bring your teeth together than normal, which causes strain.  Pain can even be a symptom of grinding or clenching your teeth (bruxism), trauma to the head and neck, or poor genetics.

Your dentist provides an array of treatments to help alleviate your orofacial pain, including the use of an oral device called an orthotic, or splint, that is worn over the teeth until your bite can be stabilized.  While this treatment may be temporary, your dentist may also recommend permanent correction through reshaping of your teeth, building crowns, orthodontics or a permanent appliance for your mouth.  Physical therapy, counseling, relaxation training or massage therapy may also be an option for your oral health improvement.

Your dentist is specially trained to maintain and correct your bite to ensure optimal oral health.  With a thorough medical and dental history, your dentist can determine if any trauma has occurred in the facial area, as well as perform a physical examination to examine your temporomandibular join, head and neck.

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    Very friendly and Helpful

    I recently moved here from Green Bay where I had the same dentist for many years. He set the standard high for tooth care. We searched around this area and talked to patients from several dental offices to see what they had to say. The comments about Dr. Jamie at Two Rivers Family Dental were very good so we decided to give them a try. I came in with necessary dental work needing to be done and the normal amount of anxiety with it. I am happy to say we, "nailed it" with our choice. Dr. Jamie and her assistant Laurie could not be more thorough, personal and educational as she proceeds which helps me relax (somewhat-along with a little laughing gas)! The office from the minute you walk in till you leave is very friendly and helpful if I have any questions. She met the standard we were used to and I recommend her to everyone!!

    Sharon B. November 19th 2020

    Emergency Care

    I had an emergency for my tooth today. Two Rivers Family Dental got me in right away and the staff was fantastic!! Made me feel very comfortable! Thank you Dr. Hansen.

    Katie R. August 17th 2017

    "I can smile again"

    My teeth were in terrible shape and plus I did have one broken off ….I did not want to smile at all ….after Dr. Hansen finished fixing my teeth I can smile again... thank You Dr. Hansen and all your staff for helping me smile again.

    Joyce M. December 19th 2018

    Julie Knows Insurance

    Great dental hygienist in Tracy and fine dental work done by Dr. Hansen. Julie knows insurance better than anyone!

    Barb W. April 25th 2018

    Kind and Respectful

    I had recently got a check up and I needed a filing. They were kind and displayed the up most respectful manner in making my dental experience a positive one. I will continue to be a patient of The Two Rivers Family Dental.

    Rebecca M. Febuary 6th 2018